Shark & Ray Safari


Don’t wait for the next Discovery Channel Documentary to find out about Australia’s Sharks and Rays...

Join the Sub Aquatics’ Dive Team on an exciting underwater adventure to South West Rocks and experience world famous Fish Rock Cave.

Come diving with Sub Aquatics and explore these amazing creatures first hand!

Imagine sharing with your friends your ‘shark stories’ using photos taken during four exciting adventure dives with Australia’s famous Sharks and Rays.

Insensitive fishing practices and pollution have seen many fascinating shark and ray species pushed to the brink of extinction. Unwarranted fear of sharks has also seen thousands netted and killed unneccessarily. The shark and ray crisis is so extreme that their numbers are limited and sightings are becoming rare...    Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime! 

SOUTH WEST ROCKS is located 5-6 hrs drive from Sydney and has been repeatedly voted one of the top ten dive sites in Australia. The island of Fish Rock is located just over 2km off the coast, near the holiday township of South West Rocks on the NSW Mid North Coast.

FISH ROCK MARINE RESERVE is home to such an amazing array of marine life that Fish Rock and
Green Island are now protected habitat areas for the Grey Nurse Shark colonies which congregate here in growing numbers. The thrill of entering Fish Rock’s 125m long cave and travelling through the centre of an island is one adventure that you will not want to miss!


PRE-REQUISITES: Open Water Diver Certification

INCLUSIONS: 2 night's share accommodation at the Cost Rica Inn, 4 guided boat dives, 2 Breakfasts & 2 Lunches.

COST: From $460.00

EQUIPMENT HIRE: Available if Required

TRANSPORT: Available if required

BOOKINGS: Ph Sub Aquatics' Bookings Office 9570 4222 (Tue to Sat) or Click Here