Ex HMAS Adelaide, Terrigal


Come exploring Australia's newest Wreck Dive Site located just one hour north of Sydney.

Terrigal, and its surrounding beaches are at the centre of Sydney's playground... the beautiful NSW Central Coast!

EX-HMAS ADELAIDE: On April 13th 2011, The Ex HMAS Adelaide was finally laid to rest, scuttled just off Avoca Beach to create a new artificial reef ...and diver's playground!

HISTORY OF THE ADELAIDE: She was the second ship to be christened the HMAS Adelaide in the Royal Australian Navy. The Adelaide II (now the Ex-HMAS Adelaide) was a long range escort frigate with roles including area air defence, anti-sub warfare and reconnasissance. Built in the US and commissioned in Nov 1980, she was the first of six 'Adelaide' class guided missile frigates to be delivered to the RAN.

The ship is 138.1 metres long with a beam of 14.3 metres & original displacement of 4100 tonnes.

She participated in the Gulf War 1990/91, peacekeeping ops in Eat Timor 1999 & 2006, and was deployed to the Arabian GAulf in 2001 & 2004. The ship was also involved in the high profile search & rescue of solo yachtsmen Thierry Dubois & Tony Bullimore from the SSouthern Ocean in 1997.


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