Dive Control Specialist

Learn to Dive - Continuing Education Leadership Training 2012

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Dive Control Specialist Certification Program...

Dive Control Specialist, or DiveCon, is SSI's initial dive leadership training level and is considered by many as the "fun" leadership rating.

It's fun and satisfying because you can do more than any other entry level dive leader; with SSI you will receive both Dive Master and Assistant Instructor training. (With other agencies these components form separate course programs.)

As a DiveCon you will be able to:

  • Work on dive boats, at dive resorts and within retail dive centres
  • Lead dive trips and underwater tours
  • Assist SSI Instructors during Open Water Courses
  • Teach skills in the pool under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor
  • Teach the SSI Scuba Skills Update program
  • Teach the SSI Snorkeling program
  • Teach selected SSI Specialty courses
  • Teach selected First Aid and CPR programs

As part of your DiveCon training you will study advanced physics, physiology and decompression theory. You'll practice advanced rescue techniques, fine-tune your diving skills and learn the fundamentals of scuba instruction.

As a Dive Control Specialist you will become a valuable and highly sought after member of any dive operation!

To discuss your DiveCon training in further detail, contact the Dive Centre on 9570 4222

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