Continuing Education - Specialty Training 2012:

Whether using a compass or your natural surroundings, you can learn to master the marine environment through the skills of underwater navigation.

The ability to confidently navigate through fascinating, new destinations increases your diving adventure and your diving enjoyment!
Learn new skills including:

  • Navigating underwater using natural landmarks
  • Choosing the best underwater compass to suit your needs
  • Using your compass to navigate underwater
  • Combining natural navigation with your compass skills
  • Using your navigation skills in special circumstances
  • Navigation as a sport


PRE-REQUISITES: Open Water Diver Certification

INCLUSIONS: SSI Course Manual & DVD, Theory Session, Open Water Training Dives, SSI Specailty Diver Cert. Card

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Scuba Equipment (available for hire), Dive Slate, Underwater Compass

LOCATION: Sydney coastal waters

PRICE: $210.00

NEXT COURSE START DATE: Contact the Dive Centre on 9570 4222.

Continuing Education:

Complete this and three other Specialty Courses, plus log a total of 24 dives to earn your Advanced Diver Certification.

Complete your Advanced Diver and Stress & Rescue Diver Certifications, plus log a total of 50 dives to earn your Master Diver Certification!

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