Wreck Diving


Continuing Education - Specialty Training 2012:

Wreck diving is a specialised area of scuba diving that can be enjoyed by all divers, anywhere in the world! It offers a new outlet for the adventure seeker and helps satisfy the diver's natural curiosity by allowing a rare glimpse of some of the world's underwater relics.

In this course you will learn how to plan and organise a wreck dive as well as gain an understanding into the procedures and safety requirements neccessary to dive wrecks successfully.

Obtain vital skills including:

  • Selecting & researching wreck sites
  • Locating a wreck
  • Diving techniques at a wreck site
  • Use of penetration lines
  • Safety and Emergency procedures
  • Underwater communication techniques

WRECK DIVER Course Information: 

PRE-REQUISITES: Open Water Diver Certification, Advanced Diver (including Boat Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, and Night and Limited Visibility Diving Certifications)

INCLUSIONS: SSI Course Manual & DVD, Theory Session, 4 Training Dives, SSI Specialty Diver Cert. Card

EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: Scuba Equipment (available for hire), Dive Computer (available for hire), Primary Underwater Torch (available for hire), Back-up Underwater Torch, Lift Bag and Reel, Dive Slate, Dive Knife, Safety Whistle

LOCATION: Sydney and Terrigal

PRICE: Course $210.00 PLUS cost of boat charters

NEXT COURSE START DATE: Contact the Dive Centre on 02 9570 4222

Continuing Education:

Your Wreck Diving Specialty Training is a pre-requisite to all Extended Range Diving Certifications. 

Complete your Advanced Diver and Stress & Rescue Diver Certifications, plus log a total of 50 dives to earn your Master Diver Certification!

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