Technical Foundations

Continuing Education - Extended Range Training 2011:

XTREME, Technical Training in 4 Steps...

Today's underwater explorers are taking advantage of the latest technological advances in equipment, diving procedures and training to extend their range underwater. With the use of sophisticated dive planning software and breathing combinations of Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen, it's now possible to safely reach beyond the traditional depth and time limits.

Venture into the realm of Technical Diving and explore wrecks, deep reefs and cave systems that were once considered inaccessible.


TECHNICAL FOUNDATIONS Certification Course...

Section One is dedicated to developing the fundamental knowledge, equipment familiarity and underwater skills neccessary to participate in more advanced technical training activities.

Even if you do not plan to exceed recreational dive limits, this program will increase your confidence and enhance your diving abilities.

  • Diving physics, physiology & decompression theory
  • Selection & configuration of technical diving equipment
  • Dive planning & gas managemnent procedures
  • New propulsion techniques, advanced buoyancy & trim
  • New emergency procedures

Course Information:

PRE-REQUISITES: Advanced Open Water, Deep Diver, Underwater Navigation, Enriched Air Nitrox, Diver Stress & Rescue Certifications plus a minimum of 50 logged dives.

PRICE: $300.00 (Doesn't include Hire Equipment or Boat Charter Fees)

NEXT COURSE START DATE: Contact the Dive Centre on 9570 4222 to reserve your spot