Normaxic Trimix

Continuing Education - Extended Range Training 2011:

XTREME, Technical Training in 4 Steps...

Today's underwater explorers are taking advantage of the latest technological advances in equipment, diving procedures and training to extend their range underwater. With the use of sophisticated dive planning software and breathing combinations of Air, Nitox, Trimix and Oxygen, it's now possible to safely reach beyond the traditional depth and time limits.

Venture into the realm of Technical Diving and explore wrecks, deep reefs and cave systems that were once considered inaccessible.


NORMOXIC TRIMIX Certification Course...

Helium can be used quite effectivly to manage oxygen exposure and the effects of narcosis on deep dives.

There are many situations where environmental conditions or complicated dive objectives demand nothing less than optimal diver performance. In Step 3 of your Extended Range Program you will come to understand the advantages of adding helium to the breathing gas blend. You will learn the difference between Normoxic and Hypoxic mixes and how the addition of helium impacts the dive planning process.

Course Information:

PRE-REQUISITES: Decompression Procedures

PRICE: $450.00 (Doesn't include Hire Equipment or Boat Charter Fees)

NEXT COURSE START DATE: Contact the Dive Centre on 9570 4222 for information.